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Welcome, we are glad you are here! Exchange Exchange is on a mission to revolutionise how students plan, decide and experience studying abroad by eliminating all the many unknowns and questions students experience.

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About Us

Studying abroad is an unforgettable, character-building experience but students globally have many questions from exchange consideration to return. The Exchange Exchange allows student comparison, discussions and reviews.

We have a range of features made to help students, including;

  • Forum: Create and join engaging discussions with other past, ongoing and future exchange students.

  • Groups: Explore and create groups with like-minded students such as those going to the same destination.

  • Reviews: Find out what past students are saying about their university, host country and experience overall.

  • Blog: Read tips, tricks and stories curated by experts, university partners, students and our crew.

  • Socials: Stay up to date with everything Exchange Exchange and indulge in inspiration from current 'exchangers'.

  • Member Login/Chat: Keep up to date with comments, posts, likes and discover and chat with other members!

  • Coming Soon: Country Profiles, University Profiles, Personalisation, Institution Accounts, and much more!

Or are you a university/institution ready to climb new mountains and reach new limits while revolutionising how students discover and interact with you? Contact us to learn how Exchange Exchange can solve your needs.


Founder, Exchange Exchange

"Originally unsure whether I would study abroad with all the unknowns, I was extremely close to not applying. In the end, exchange was THE BEST thing that I have pushed myself to do - I got to live in another country, meet global friends, travel to nearby countries, make life-long memories and in general have a great time all while studying! I still can't believe I almost missed out on this opportunity simply because I was too 'unsure' to apply. If only Exchange Exchange's reviews, discussions and information were available back then to boost my confidence earlier. Now not a day goes by where I regret applying"

Not wanting others to miss out, Nathan founded Exchange Exchange.

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While we currently can't provide individual feedback and advice, we always value general feedback or comments. Please use the forum on the website to ask your study abroad related questions to the community.

Proudly created in Sydney, Australia 🇦🇺