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Kate Jones :)
Aug 28, 2020
In Europe
Last year I went on Exchange to France and was lucky enough to travel before, during and after exchange. I did this with old friends, new friends I created on exchange and independently. While France taught me a lot about culture, communication and helped me understand my place in the world, I wouldn't have learnt all of this without my extended travel. Due to this, and the awesome places to travel in Europe (of course!), I decided to share the top three places I recommend visiting while in Europe! 🇮🇹 1. Italy - visit Rome, Venice, Florence and Naples. Plus the pizza, pasta and gelato... 😍 (you get it!) 🇨🇭. 2. Switzerland - The Alps expand across multiple countries but Switzerland's nature is amazing! 🇪🇸. 3. Spain - A whole another culture to explore - Spain is truly an amazing place to visit. Of course, if one of these countries is one that you have exchange within you will be exploring it already (I hope)! If so, swap it with France, it is an amazing country that I was lucky enough to do an exchange at and hence didn't include it on this list 🇫🇷 P.s. travelling isn't cheap, so if you can't afford it, spend time exploring your host country - you will be surprised at what you can find! 🤩